Lake Apopka is located 15 miles (24 km) northwest of Orlando. It is the third largest lake in the state of Florida. The north shore of Lake Apopka is a haven for bird watching, wildlife photographers and nature lovers of all ages. While there are six main access points to the lake, the main attraction is the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive.

There are at least 367 different species of birds that find refuge around the lake. Alligators, bobcats, otters and other wildlife also call the lake and it’s surrounding area home.

Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive

Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive lets you see and photograph a large variety of birds and wildlife from the comfort of your automobile.  The drive takes about two hours (depending on stops).  To learn more about access to the lake, visit our About the Area section.

Visit any of the galleries above to see photos of the wide variety of wildlife found around Lake Apopka or at the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive.